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Gifted should be part of special education.

i hollyhargrove
Category: Others
Date: 16/03/2013
Tags: gifted education, giftedness, special education

In 5 states in the US, gifted students are serviced under special education resources and are provided with Individualized Education Plans to ensure they receive adequate challenge and stimulation in school.  While this does increase the cost of serving these students, it provides them with instruction that is tailored to their unique situations.  Students who qualify for gifted services in these 5 states are entitled to the same considerations as students who are in special ed. for disablities. 

posted by hollyhargrove | suggest edit


Gifted should be part of special education.


Gifted should not be part of special education.


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These students here should be entitled to an education that will make them learn as much as they can. Furthermore, they will become an asset to the country when they grow up.

posted by Nomnomnom2111 | suggest edit


While it is important for an advanced student to be challenged, it should not be up to the tax payers to fund their education. Parents should pay for private education that would allow those students to be challenged. Our school systems are not able to fund the needs of our students as it is.

posted by Mickey | suggest edit



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