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Trevor Cartwright

Effectiveness of the Keynesian GDP Formula

Does the Keynesian GDP formula of C+I+G+(X-Y) accurately determine a nation's economic health?

0 comments | category: Business read more

North Versus South

Whose side would you have been on and why?

11 comments | category: Politics read more

Should the government support a "progressive" tax system?

Should the government tax rich people at a higher percentage than poor people? Or should everyone be taxed the same percentage regardless of income? Suppose a man makes $1,000,000.00 a year and another man only make $20,000.00  year. Would it be fair to make the richer man pay a higher percentage like 40% and to make the second guy only pay 20%? Proponents of this view believe that...

0 comments | category: Politics read more

Is abortion justifiable?

Abortion is one of the most controversial political topics. One side's rally cry is, "Human liberty!" while the other's is "Women's rights!" Which side has the better argument?

2 comments | category: Politics read more

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