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The mobile phone has brought more good than harm to the human race.

i Victoria Zhang
Category: Technology
Date: 26/03/2012
Tags: technology, mobile phone, debate

Refer to 'IN' issue on 26th March 2012 p. 2, 6, 8, 10 - 13. 

posted by Victoria Zhang | suggest edit


The mobile phone has brought more good than harm to the human race.


The mobile phone has NOT brought more good than harm to the human race.


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Mobile phones allow humans to communicate much more easily. 

posted by Victoria Zhang | suggest edit

Mobile phones has other functions which we can interact online, play games, store photos and videos and save many contacts with a call a click away.

posted by Jian Yan | suggest edit

Mobile phones nowadays has modern technology and it can replace the heavy and bulky laptops as it has the same functions.(portable)

posted by JinLin Neverlast | suggest edit

The good things about cell phones right now is that it's the most popular means of communication. With a cellphone you can receive SMSes. You can receive voice mails, and you can have a mobile conversation with someone anywhere in the world. And now you can receive and send e-mails, surf the web, and even watch TV Channels.

posted by Sunny Rawrdieyou | suggest edit

Mobile phones can be a useful tool if we are in danger, lost, in an accident or for emergencies! This is the link to the examples;

posted by Khidir Haziq | suggest edit

It is a bridge to all over the world nowadays. You are able to communicate with people all around the world using smart phones.

posted by JinLin Neverlast | suggest edit


Mobile phones has caused work productivity to drop as people are too distracted using their mobile phones to connect with their friends. This is the link to a video example:

posted by Victoria Zhang | suggest edit

Radiation from mobiles phones are one of the cause by which people suffer from cancer.

posted by Diana Nurfina | suggest edit

Studies have shown that around 40-50% of the environmental impact of a mobile phone occurs during the manufacturing of the printed wiring boards and integrated circuits. The average user replace their mobie phone every 11 to 18 months. The discarded phone than contribute to electronic waste. This add on to greenhouse gases which affect the atmosphere thus affecting us.

posted by Aung Thi Ha | suggest edit

I disagree as the radiation waves that mobile phones transmit is dangerous and may cause Cancer.

posted by Jarica Lee | suggest edit

Having a mobile phone distances yourself from your family members and friends as you spent more time talking on the phone or

posted by lyrisl | suggest edit

Mobile phones has been one of the reasons for traffic accidents as drivers are too engrossed using their phones while driving which causes them to be unaware while driving around bends and ends up knocking people down. -Sec3 English TextBook (Express)

posted by JinLin Neverlast | suggest edit

Smartphones have also created cyberbullying and stalking, leading to an increased rate of suicide and self-harm among teens

posted by RRJRENE | suggest edit


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mobile phones cause us to forget who we are in real life and only know who we are in the cyber world

Posted by s9728806b on 26/03/2012 at 11:59 PM

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