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Creation of Universe - Mystical Power of God?

i Debsuvra Ghosh
Category: Science
Date: 30/06/2011

Share your views about the creation of Universe.

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Creation of Universe - Mystical Power of God?


Creation of Universe - Mystical Power of God?


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From the beginning of the human civilization, we have worshipped the mystical power of nature, named it God. The systematic innerworkings of universe often gives a notion of intelligent creation - an order of things set by an almighty, God.

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Human spirit of observing and thinking logically has gave birth to Science. Through years of honing our skills, we have uncovered a lot which are merely miraculous for ignorant eyes. The universe is just a random outcome of innumerable possibilities governed by the ways in which Nature works. It does not need a special theory of creation to back it.

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Science is the systematic discovery and verification of axioms. Like Newtons's laws. We try to explain things with what we know as of today's Science. If all axioms of science are already known, we would know everything to know about everything and there's no reason for research any more, is there? All cancer cures known, all diseases averted and scientific breakthroughs already done. But we are not there yet. So what we cannot explain it is useful for us to explain with a supernatural power called God. Then we don't need to accept that Science is incomplete! That's my theory anyway!

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I am


Wrote pretty much about the basics in that about box. Let's wait for the theists unfold their sentimental attacks.

Posted by Debsuvra Ghosh on 30/06/2011 at 06:03 PM

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