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Aninda Das

Freelancing? Good or Bad?

Almost 70% of the developers and designers are into freelancing. Some of them rely on this as their only mode of income while some are doing this behind the scene. Some companies are OK with this while some of them use a magnifying glass( or spy) to detect this. Some finds it ethical while for some it is a "nonsense". I am perplexed..hence starting this debate to get some information.

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PPP models- will it work in India? can it solve the problem?

The term Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is used to describe a partnership-like cooperation between public authorities (e.g. municipal bodies) and private enterprise.  According to estimates by the government an estimated 50 per cent of the population (about 700 million people) will be living in cities by 2025. That means, the government and other stakeholders face the daunting task...

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Entrepreneurs are bad managers?

I have been looking for a proper answer to this question for a long time. Hope to get some insights from the community.

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Do you like the name West Bengal to change?

The West Bengal cabinet on Wednesday July 6, 2011 discussed the renaming of the state. The minister pointed out that due to the state's name beginning with the alphabet W (ie West Bengal), its name slipped to the bottom at all-India conferences, seminars and meetings. So do you think a name change is required? 

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What is more important: Skill or Qualification?

Should an individual focus more on skill or qualification? Some views for or agaist the topic will be highly appreciated.

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