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Leaders are born not made?

i Tanumoy Hazra
Category: World
Date: 25/07/2011

Around the world we have witnessed many great leaders,question comes here that do the skills to be a great leader does that comes inborn for that person?or anyone can aqquire those skills that and become a SUCESSFUL LEADER?

posted by Tanumoy Hazra | suggest edit


Leaders are born not made?


Leaders are born not made?


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posted by Tanumoy Hazra | suggest edit


posted by Tanumoy Hazra | suggest edit

Leadership is a combination of so many traits, values, achievements. It is unfair to say that we are born with these. A person gradually develops these over time. Every human being born has the potential to be identical w.r.t mental potential. It is the environment and the interests that this individual develops leads to accumulation of these traits etc. Leaders are made... they make themselves and not by anyone else.

posted by mdmahanti | suggest edit


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