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Employees should be selected based on Experience Not Degree

i Saikat Sengupta
Category: Others
Date: 18/02/2012
Tags: employment, career, human resource, hr

Employment is all about what you can do; there is no point in looking for what educational degree one has. Even a school dropout can be an expert in a field that he likes.  

By introducing educational qualification as one of the eligibility criteria employers actually narrow their opportunities to get the right person in the team.

posted by Saikat Sengupta | suggest edit


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Employment is all about what you can do; your skill plays the vital role.

posted by Saikat Sengupta | suggest edit

Academic qualification is a way to evaluate the basic qualities of a person.

posted by Saikat Sengupta | suggest edit


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I am


it should be a combination of both... education is as important as skill set... a perfect balance should be there

Posted by Sumana Chakraborty on 22/02/2012 at 09:14 AM

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