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Writer, blogger, social media freak.

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Saikat Sengupta

Can employers claim compensation from employees who do not serve notice period?

If my employer asks me to sign on an agreement on plain paper, how much legal value does it have? Can an employer actually stop the release order? As an independent citizen I can decide any time whether I would continue with a job or not. Does the employer have any legal right to stop me OR ask me to pay compensation?

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It is time to abolish caste/gender based quota system in India

A highly qualified person who is from General category is refused admission/appointment because a mediocre student from SC/ST/OBC/Woman category applied! This can be frustrating for the meritorious student from General category. Also, if a not-so-eligbile person gets admission/appointment to Medical/Engineering/Govt. jobs just because he or she is from SC/ST/OBC/Woman category, it can be...

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What is Social Media - An Envy Amplifier?

What is the Definition of Social Media: A Medium to Communicate and Start Interactive Dialogues? Another Way for Businesses to Promote their Service? A Tool for Political Parties to Run Election Campaigns? What? I decided to start this debate after reading a recent article by Seth Godin: “The Internet as Envy Amplifier”. He has made some good points there. Read the article...

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No Point in Celebrating Earth Day - We Have to Love the Planet - Agree?

It's all about doing your slice of responsibility towards this planet; celebrating Earth Day, sending 'Happy Earth Day' text to friends, updating your Facebook or Twitter profile won't be of any help. We have to remember our duty and practice it everyday.

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Rahul Gandhi’s Arrest on Land Acquisition Issue - Just a Political Gimmick

- Mamma mamma.....I wanna go to JAIL mamma....I’ve never been to JAIL mamma....I’m 40 MAMMA!!! - Alright beta ...join the UP farmers...and Maya Aunty would do the needful. - But mamma I don’t want to have Jail-ka khaana  ! - Alright beta ....will take you out from Jail in a couple of hours.... - Love you mamma  - Love you too beta  

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Digital Photography is damaging the ARISTROCRACY of Photography

Digitization makes things easily available – bad for the things which are special because they are exclusive.

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Change is Here – People who left West Bengal due to bad governance of Left Parties should come back now

From health to education and jobs – a lot of people left West Bengal because there were no opportunities. Now the expected change is here; then why living outside? There will be jobs, there will be scope for higher studies, there will be good governance and there will be good health care services. Peace will be everywhere. Isn’t it the time to come back and help the new...

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Employees should be selected based on Experience Not Degree

Employment is all about what you can do; there is no point in looking for what educational degree one has. Even a school dropout can be an expert in a field that he likes.   By introducing educational qualification as one of the eligibility criteria employers actually narrow their opportunities to get the right person in the team.

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