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If you do not have a Facebook account or if you do not want to use your faceBook account to join, click here. Someone who hates debating normally unless provocated or moved by strong emotions! :D follow me at twitter:  @sahaanirban   [Someone told, that my bio is small... and that she loved it :)  So I need to make it long. For the record, I had been a part of debates at my home, my school and at college clubs and at inter-collegiate levels. From making my point clear to my parents, to making my house win at school... to being one of top 40 debaters of India (courtesy: IIT Kharagpur, year: 2009 ), I find debating tough fun when its healthy and constructive. Constructive in the approach, not to slaughter your opposition ear to ear, but help him to breathe.. make him smile, and make him talk what you want him to speak, and prove your points with valid logic and evidence. I think this shall be long enough. (edited: April 24, 2011. Time: 0034 hours)]

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Anirban Saha

Proper Education : Aid or Opposition for politics?

Education and the game which has been played by the name of it over the years, is education actually an aid or a threat to a ruling political party?  Had been to Murshidabad district of West Bengal lately, and was struck by few logic of the youth there. Murshidabad had been the seat of bengal politics from early 16th century, it is still the district with highest muslim percentage...

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Calcutta, Bengal are monuments to the failures of Leftist economic thinking

"...the short-sighted, self-serving policies pursued by the Leftists have severely curtailed the prosperity of at least two generations of Bengalis, besides damaging Calcutta’s brand. " ..Wall Street Journal

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Friends break up without explanation

I have put it in the "health" category, for it deals with the health of mind. Should friendship not be given another trial of explanation before splitting. The scope of having a misunderstanding remains if discussion is not made, dialogues are not exchanged... but in the abrupt process, friendship takes the back seat.   I wish in this discussion, one refrains from taking names,...

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Communist rule in Bengal : Economical doom. Support?

Please lets not get personal at this topic towards other members participating in the debate. Let us use english as far as possible to support our claims.  

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Mobile camera, can be start to a photography career

With the spread of mobile camera, many now can usher the dream to try photography... while few still crave for a camera... while I once told a friend of mine to master the art of story telling of photography, by his camera... and learn more about the framing and the different senses. for I believe thats the base of any good photograph. Next comes lights, and the variables - ISO, shutter...

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