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i Pooja Mazumder
Category: Others
Date: 29/06/2011

Should suicide be a criminal offence?

posted by Pooja Mazumder | suggest edit






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 We have an obligation to preserve all life, including our own.

posted by Pooja Mazumder | suggest edit

we all know , a single point cnt make a circle similarly a single person cnt mke a place livable , being a crowded place action or behavieour performed by each and everyone directly or indirectly influences each individual .Jumping off 7th story buildin,cutting ur nerve similar suicide action make people think about its cause,reason.killing oneself and making other think about the situation or cause of act also makes one endure similar action in such situation.Letting people to die on their own will surely will lead toward unstable place to live

posted by Amit Mishra | suggest edit

The free, autonomous decision to take one’s own life should be respected as a legitimate exercise of one’s individual liberty.

posted by Pooja Mazumder | suggest edit

Suicide should not be made a criminal offence since it is the decision of the individual person to end his/her life if he/she thinks that her life would not make any difference to the world. But if someone is forced to commit suicide due to the pressure of any person, then the latter one is to be convicted on the charges of murder.

posted by Surojit Pal | suggest edit

people go for suicide only when they face grave problems which destabilized their is their life...they have the right to chose to stay alive or to end their cannot interfere in the personal life of people!!!

posted by Ray Zee | suggest edit


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I am


We don;t live in this world alone. Our existence affects friends, family, employees, their families, everyone. When we live we benefit from all of them. When you take your own life you affect all of them in ways they do not deserve. My take is that suicide is supreme ingratidude!!

Posted by Nari Kannan on 30/06/2011 at 11:58 PM

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great topic i like to say,,,that the person who commits suicide is a coward,,,bt the decision about his/her life is completely of his/her own,,so we can only try to intstall that not to ake such kind of step like suicide,,bt ultimaley its in the mind of that human being,,,so criminal we cant say,,as he/she is not commiting any crime to the soceity as a large

Posted by Tanumoy Hazra on 29/06/2011 at 08:27 PM

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