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Will technology ever "plateau"? If so, when?

Technology has been advancing robustly during the last 100 or so years. Can we contuniue to make such leaps and bounds in this feild indefinatley? Or will we hit a so called "ceiling" or "plateau" that will inhibit our inovation? How can we sustain such momentum? Or what will inped us? What do you think?

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Are Drones a good or bad thing?

With the advances in the feild of unmaned ariel vehicles (UAV's) many questions arise about their use in US air space. Will these drones help prevent crimes? Temper disasters? Spy on us without our consent? Make a mistake which costs the life of an innocent person? There are many ups and downs to their use, but which outweighs the other? Good? or evil?

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Drones. Powerful Potential.

With the advances in unmaned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology many questions must be possed about their implementation in our skys. Will drones be used only by law inforcement to catch criminals and avert crises? Or will drones be used to collect information about us without our consent? Both positive and negative potentials are very real, and very powerful. Which out weighs the other?

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