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"USSR was responsible for the Korean War."

i Samantha Gracie Thevan
Category: Others
Date: 09/04/2014

You have used the sources to come to a conclusion as a group on who might have been responsible for the Korean War. 

In your pairs, use this debate channel and argue for or against this motion. 


posted by Samantha Gracie Thevan | suggest edit


"USSR was responsible for the Korean War".


"USSR was responsible for the Korean War".


add your argumensts in favor or against the issue

arguments supporting the issue
arguments against the issue

USSR was responsible for the Korea war as sources show that the communist dove of peace has brought suffering and death to the people of North Korea. It also shows that Stalin was the communist aggressor that invaded the Republic of Korea. Stalin tried to spread propaganda, wanting people to believe that the US s responsible got the war. Another comment also showed that Stalin acknowledged that they were responsible for the North Korea invasion.

posted by Addie Tan | suggest edit


Group 8 For the "stop criminal" source, I can see that USSR is trying to destroy South Korea using brute force while on the other hand, UN is trying to save South Korea through United Nation Peace. The provenance also says "The Communist war-makers will be stopped" and this shows that UN is not responsible for this war. All the little people carrying the flags(allies of UN) are also trying to help save South Korea. I know this because all of them are running towards USSR and some of them are carrying weapons to show protest towards USSR.

posted by mingduo | suggest edit


USSR was responsible for the Korea war because all sources show that USSR had brought about harm and suffering to the North Koreans.One of the pictorial source shows Stalin act as a teacher, spreading propaganda to the children which symbolises different countries that US was responsible for the Korean war.

posted by Wenyi Iscutezhabo | suggest edit


USSR was responsible for the korean war. As one of the sources how that the hand represents united nations that is trying to stop communist aggressor (USSR) from attacking the Republic of korea. the provenace also say that " united nations condemn the criminal communist invasion of the republic of korea ! the communist war-malers will be stopped ! though united nations -- Peace !"

posted by Chan Joo Hui | suggest edit


USSR was responsible for the Korean War as most of the sources shows the involvement of USSR controlling of the North Korea by working with China to 'brainwash' the North Korea to attack on South Korea . This shows that USSR was the mastermind behind all this problems which led to Korean War . Hence, USSR was responsible for the Korean War - Group 4

posted by Jin Shan Luvz Ice | suggest edit


USSR was responsible for the war indirectly by supporting both the chinese and the north koreans in the korean war as implied in the source whereby china backs up north korea and while the soviets back up the chinese by pushing them to their deaths. The fact that most chinese and north korean equipment used at the front lines were supplied by the soviet union also proves my point.

posted by Hadi | suggest edit


USSR pushed china to kick South Korea into the Korean War. USSR. Also controlled Kim ilsung like a puppet to control North Korea .

posted by Erin Chee | suggest edit


USSR was not responsible for the korean war because there was no direct involvement of USSR in the korean war.

posted by Toh Zhong Han | suggest edit



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