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Technology At The Bottom Of The Pyramid

i Debashish Brahma
Category: Technology
Date: 19/04/2011


Technology is a hype ,unless it is shared evenly. We have seen in last two decades. Only the privileged and people from the educated background are using the technology and benefiting out of it. Technology should be shelled out to benifit the billions at the “BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID”. Digital Marketing, Idea Sharing, as we often call it wisdom sourcing, crowed sourcing should really happen through technology /knowledge sharing to bring down the economic inequalities round the world.


IT/Mob Comm will play a pivotal role in that do you agree or disagree 

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Technology At The Bottom Of The Pyramid


Technology At The Bottom Of The Pyramid


add your argumensts in favor or against the issue

arguments supporting the issue
arguments against the issue

I think things have not yet started we are all in the ivory towers. Shareing knowledge is considered to be a crime. But some evangilist has come yout with the open source systems and habe made the owrld a better place. I think many people should contribute and co create with technology so the underpriviledge ( though I don\\\'t want to use) are being deprived of technological knowledge.Technolgy can work wonders and can engage billions of disengaged people to make the palce a better palce to live in.

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Technology can\'t be shared , it has to be bought , as nothing in this world comes free.

posted by Debashish Brahma | suggest edit


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I think you can leverage Open Source and the innovative capabilities of students to help people at BOP. CDAC is already doing this (using open source) to help small businesses. We just need to make it a larger movement.

Posted by on 22/04/2011 at 08:46 PM | X

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People choosing technology for the bottom of the pyramid need to choose those Open Source Technologies that you can manage with "Google Support"! If you get an error or have a problem can you type it into Google and get a resolution? Then it's a winner! Redhat, Apache are all good examples. The only reason to buy technology products if for support. But when the Open Source guy says " Iam busy now. I have some vacation time coming up in Decmeber. I will do something at that time" will not work. These days Android is a great candidate for Bottom of the pyramid!

Posted by Nari Kannan on 20/04/2011 at 02:31 AM

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