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Only Engineering degree nowadays will help,MBA after that Not needed

i Tanumoy Hazra
Category: Others
Date: 26/05/2011

The demand of engineering is huge  in this age,,,and technology field has rapidly developing day to day,,but do the present maximum engineers  are  remaning as engineers getting VERY GOOD SALARIES,, or they need to TURN managers,focus in order to get the MBA degree LONG TERM BENEFITS &  FAST TO the TOP POSITION??

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Only Engineering degree nowadays will help,MBA after that Not needed


Only Engineering degree nowadays will help,MBA after that Not needed


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Engineering firld now a days has been developing and devloped to such a extent that,,in the fields like

Information technology,electronics and communication,electrical engineering,,are some fields which are witnessing huge intake of students in this sectors.IT sectors CTS,TCS,INFY,WIPRO,ACCENTURE and more are taking FRESHER TECHIES,B,Tech with handsome salaries more than 3 lacs pa starting,electronics sectors  companies like syntel alcatel etc ectc,,are taking electronics students in their sectors with GOOD promotions and attractive salaries

Power sectors then ONGC GAIL SAIL,,etc tec taking chemical engineers,,,mechanical engineers,,which is little less demand but talented engineers flourish  a lot...........Enginnering Degree B.Tech/B.E demand will not come down among the students,,and they will STAY AS TECHIES ENGINEERS IN THEIR CAREER GROWTH,MBA is NOT NEEDED for their fast growth.......

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India as a booming economy,,and the most attractive business hub along with is seen as the potential centre for business in finance,marketing, for many MNC\\\\\\\'s and many upcoming companies taking bright prosprerous  fresher/exp MBA holders in their field

India is continuosly incresing in its demand in export ,import hub and international business,,MNC\\\\\\\'s nowadays concidering world as one market and taking  MBA holders to play in their business in int\\\\\\\'l arena

foreign exchange market, capital market,banking,insurance sectors,currency market,stock markets,investment sectors,,marketing sectors are rapidly simply booming with numerous with of opoortunities galoring to the MBA holders,,and with large demand,they are taking students from standard B schools..

and engineering degree alone cant let u to go into the mangement postions in the company,,top postiions are taken only by the management graduates,,so for the LONG TERM promotion and sustain extra salary, engineers NEED TO MOVE TO MBA (either full time or executive cource) to be a manager in any company

posted by Tanumoy Hazra | suggest edit


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Hi Tanumoy, You made a very good point indeed. What I wanted to say was earning more is always going to be an incentive and therefore a MBA degree will continue to lure many engineers. But what needs to be kept in mind is while the needs are satisfied with an Engineering job, MBA is opted for to satisfy the wants. But if someone is not enjoying the life he is leaving and can buy whatever he wants is that satisfaction. I definitely do not agree. If you like what you are studying and did not realize your knack when you got into Engineering I do not mind anyone doing a MBA. But doing a MBA just for the degree and a fat salary may establish that goal but will hurt you somewhere even deeper.

Posted by Souptik Pramanick on 28/05/2011 at 12:22 AM

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I believe this is a very pertinent discussion for me as I am presently doing my MBA from IIFT after passing out from BIT Mesra Computer science. Well I can say from my experience that most people have come into MBA just for getting a huge salary but seldom does those people enjoy the two years in B School. Yes, they do get good GPAs and fat salaries but is that all to life? Is not job satisfaction important? If so then I think the importance of a degree is simply over rated and at the end of the day if you want to do a MBA degree just for the heck of earning more money why not become a Tech Entrepreneur. At least you will enjoy what you do.

Posted by Souptik Pramanick on 27/05/2011 at 01:30 PM

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hey souptik how ru!well,,,,even not all tech entrepreneur are earning huge money? is it so??and obviously just for getting very good salaries,,one should not come to MBA ,,it is right,,bt souptik dnt u feel somewhr down the line that in todays life,,when the commodity price is going higher and higher,,and in such a booming economy ,,is is nt a pressure to do a job with ba MBA degree and not getting good salary(even after work exp)!?? what do u think????

Posted by Tanumoy Hazra on 28/05/2011 at 12:13 AM

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engineers freshers/working depending on their sectors, and posts ,, many of the B.Tech/B.E 's need to do MBA to move to the top postion of the company,, also it is just another mode to survive in this cutting throat competitive market,, having an MBA degree from a Standard good Business school gives you that edge in over other engineers who dnt have the MBA degree(though may be they are earning very good! bt long term view in postion is needed).

Posted by Tanumoy Hazra on 26/05/2011 at 02:57 PM

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