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B.Tech BioTEchnology Engg,Presently styding International Buiness MBA from Globsyn B school in the final year

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Tanumoy Hazra

Only Engineering degree nowadays will help,MBA after that Not needed

The demand of engineering is huge  in this age,,,and technology field has rapidly developing day to day,,but do the present maximum engineers  are  remaning as engineers getting VERY GOOD SALARIES,, or they need to TURN managers,focus in order to get the MBA degree LONG TERM BENEFITS &  FAST TO the TOP POSITION??

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Bollywood movies has to go a long way to match the standards of the hollywood movies,bollywood movies is nt world class

Bollywood movies made accordig to world standard movies or to cater to only the indian audience??

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venturing into entrepreneurship/being an entrepreneur just after passing out from university/college is not a wise thing to do

Entrepreneurship ,start ups by the individuals just after passing out from college was the trend that came from western countries,to india,,but the india entrepreneurship climate is different from those of USA's,do startups need an minimum experienced individual?or it can be successful maximum times,,with any fresher graduate

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Colours,metals,direction does all this really have effects on our luck and human body???

Need some serious comments,,,to bring forth the views,,,,,in this topic,,,,,sometimes we find good results with this 3 things,sometimes we dnt,,bt scientifically logically how can we say in a concrete manner that  this is true always not fake??

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Will the human race be benefited if "EVE" rules the world in all respects,spheres,positions?instead of ADAM?

The right contender to lead the world in maximum postions,is it women? or men?

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Do environment damage has maximum being made and gone out of human beings control?

UV radiation,ice melting,greenhouse problems,,lower level area submerged,unpredicatble winter and summer,,,,un natural climate,,various environmental irreversible pollutions,and many many more,,,do we mortals ever spared a thought for the mother nature and this planet,,i think most of us didnt ,,so this had happened

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Is Ranvijay the most Liked VJ in India?

Ranvijay did he gave the VJ industry a massive turn up? or someone else is the role model fr the VJ-ing  passionate youngsters,, not him?

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Ethical Hacking should be stopped/constrained with enforcement of law?as it can be misused?agree?

To understand your role as an ethical hacker, it is important to know the players. Originally, the term hacker was used for a computer enthusiast. A hacker was a person who enjoyed understanding the internal workings of a system, computer, and computer network. Over time, the popular press began to describe hackers as individuals who broke into computers with malicious intent. The...

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Indian Culture and the ppls nowadays are more inclined towards blindly copying D Westerns,and taking MORE D negatives rather than d positives?

Indian Culture and the influence of the western culture in our country,,how this is changing our mind,,and the way young generations percieve the society now,,,many examples point out that, we take MORE d negetives frm outside,,

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Leaders are born not made?

Around the world we have witnessed many great leaders,question comes here that do the skills to be a great leader does that comes inborn for that person?or anyone can aqquire those skills that and become a SUCESSFUL LEADER?

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The presence Of News@Bangla Bands for the last 2 years has really changed the Bangla Rock/metal/fusion Band Industry, or do we really need much better platform???

News@Bangla Bands,Presently the ultimate bangla band music Platform,last few years,,many  bands really helped from here,,,bt is this is the ultimate we can get??? ppls share ur views in this make News@bangla bands grow more up,,and towards excellence

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Attitude towards a Brand is very Hard to change or perception towards a Brand is very hard to change?

Lets The Peoples debate on this issue,,,,Specially the marketing ppls must view this topic from Consumer Behaviour perspective  about a Brand,and the related positioning in the consumers mind ,it has. Example 

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Policymakers should try to deflate asset bubbles before they become too large? or asset bubbles cannot be eliminated?.

For More Informations Can follow  the Link                                                               ...

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Do Internet is making Present day Shop-O-Holics Better Shopper?

How is Internet, world of E commerce is revolutinalizing the Consumer shopping behaviour? Does it making the shop-o holics better shopper? Does marketers are leveraging the companies brands 2 sell thru internet?or still we feel unsafe of  anythin thru net?.............Lets debate...

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Is Tracking Consumer's Personal Internet behaviour and selling the data to market as per Segmentation is it Ethical all D way??

Facebook some months earlier they admitted ,they track the users of facebook, take their informations ,and sell to other companies for marketing purpose. IBM itself has a software called  "COBRA" to help many companies to track consumers internet behaviour pattern of surfing  with the help of cookies and use that for some other purpose.Some years back Levis ,admitted their tracking...

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Bantala Crisis and the present Government

Bantala problems Overlooked by the present Govt?which is creating huge uproar for the CTS officials?or is it selecting that location in the Beginning, for the companies was a mistake?

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Advertisements creates Artificial needs?

In The era of Advertisements and Media, often we,peoples pyschology gets bombarded with so many visual and auditory informations in form of advertisments . Debaters!! does this creates artificial needs? or is it human beings tends to find out or links their natural needs with those of advertisments? [ dont overlook the fact that :- advertisements are not always the true , its basically...

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