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Digital Nativism

i So Mi Kim
Category: Technology
Date: 17/01/2013
Tags: digital nativism, digital natives, digital immigrants, technology in education

Prensky argued digital natives--the young who have grown up with technologythink and process information fundamentally differently” (Prensky, 2001: 1) to digital immigrants. This divide, Prensky argued, is the greatest problem facing education today and teachers must change the way they teach in order to engage their students.

1. According to Prensky, digital natives process information quickly, enjoy multi-tasking, and enjoy gaming, while digital immigrants process information slowly, working on one thing at a time and do not appreciate less serious approaches to learning.Do you see yourself as a digital native?

2. According to Prensky, we need to fix schools by changing methodology to match the preferences of the young (e.g., video games). Do you see video games are benefitial?

Do you agree with Prensky? Why? or Why not?

posted by So Mi Kim | suggest edit


I agree with Prensky because...


I don't agree with Prensky because...


add your argumensts in favor or against the issue

arguments supporting the issue
arguments against the issue

I was born in 1983 but I do not consider myself as a digital native. First of all, I am not good at multi-tasking.

posted by Won Seungwon Park | suggest edit



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