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Implementation of Government Schemes at grass-root levels

i Alok Misra
Category: Business
Date: 10/09/2012

We are a social enterprise working in Rural areas, and yes we are for profit. During our course of field experience we have found that though the government has a load of beneficial schemes for the benefit of the citizens, the implementation of these schemes for the end beneficiaries is almost non-existant. I a person wants to make a career start with an enterprise & even if he/she qualifies as per the norms of the Govt. policies, he is not able to make his dream materialize. His efforts are endlessly bound to files and he has to buy a new pair of slippers every 3 months just to track his application. How can be form a body / organisation who can facilitate these process & benefit the people. NGO's can be an option but sadly enough, majority of them are not. How can we do community building & make people aware of their benefits, their rights and make them able enough to fight for them. How?

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Implementation of Government Schemes at grassroot levels


Implementation of Government Schemes at grassroot levels


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There are different ways that you can attract the community power and work closely with people who believe in your cause. For example, allows you to collect fund from people who believe in the cause.

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In many situations NGOs operate in shabby areas. And often the Gov. Money reaches a few rich people rather than the needy people.

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Dear Alok, you might consider crawling your way up in the ladder.

Posted by 100pixel on 12/09/2012 at 11:09 AM

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